Smooth Ice Cream




Our History

Founded by Buck Buchanan, Lumpy’s Ice Cream has been growing organically since its humble beginnings in 2001. The commitment to offer a healthy treat came from Buck’s personal experience.

With a background in fine dining, Buck moved from Vermont to Raleigh, North Carolina, and was looking for an opportunity. One fine day to treat his kids, he made some ice cream from locally-sourced hormone-free milk and fresh fruits, and without any additives or food color. Watching the pure joy it bought to his kids, he encountered an ‘Aha!’ moment and decided to take this further. Shortly, Lumpy’s Ice Cream was formed, production moved to a shed behind of his house, and Buck remained the company’s only employee for several more months serving only at concerts and fairs.

Word about Lumpy’s Ice Cream spread and soon reached NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Through their Goodness Grows In NC program, the business got immense support and soon expanded its production, employees, and reach.

Lumpy's Ice Cream Business

Lumpy's Big Break

We got noticed nationally in 2011, when Hartford Insurance made a commercial on small businesses featuring Lumpy’s Ice Cream. This attracted more business, resulting in a dream come true. We turned a new chapter in The Lumpy’s Ice Cream story 'From a Shed to a Shop’. In February 2012, we moved our production to our first shop in Wake Forest, NC and opened doors on March 24th.

Coach Put Us In

Rail Hawks Hockey Team Logo

In March 2012 we became the Official Ice Cream of the Carolina RailHawks and are now looking to place Lumpy’s Ice Cream on the shelf of your local grocery stores and fresh food markets.

May 2012, The Nationally recognized Gourmet Food Retailer - Southern Seasons decided to place our products not only in the freezer isles but also in their new scoop shop. We are excited to place our products with Whole Foods in Cary and Winston Salem, and NOFO Food Market.

Our Brand

While building this small yet adored brand, we have remained committed to sourcing our ingredients locally. We truly believe that natural products are better for your body and for the environment. That’s why you’ll never find potentially harmful ingredients in our products.

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